Textured Laminate Countertops

Textured Laminate Countertops

Laminates have a very high resistance to stains and heat but do not hold up rather too to knives as well as abrasive surface as some other coverings. It is not wise to make use of the laminate counter top as being a work table or cutting board as though the laminate is water as well as shock resistant, it's not scratchproof. The most used material used by much when it comes to kitchen countertops is plastic laminate.

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Textured Laminate Countertops


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Be sure to work with a sawing board when slicing food on your laminate countertop because scratches as well as knicks will show. You will want to take some care with them; use a cutting board since scratches and chips from sharp knives will damage your countertop relatively easily. You will need substrate material that fits with the base upon which you'll build the countertop of yours.

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