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IIHL 2018 - Game 12, Badax Indonesia vs Batavia Demons
The to early final game, where the defending champion faced their runner up in "live or die" situation. The winner of the game would play Badax for the IIHL 2018 FInal, but Panthers was not in a favor to win since they are left by their superstar Shawn Berg. Liberland scored first on the first period by Ronald Wijaya, and not so long after that Koizumi and Andianto net the second and third, but Panthers showed to everyone that this Panthers still Panthers although without Shawn Berg, they fought back with everything they got, and gave Liberland a hard time. They nearly even the score when Tetsuma and Effendy able to put the puck on the net. However, Liberland managed to close their defense and secured the winning .