How To Polish Laminate Countertops

How To Polish Laminate Countertops

All you will need is a wet cloth or rag, and a little household or disinfectant cleanser to wipe the laminate counter top of yours. Simply try soaking a rag and slowly pat away the adhesive from the laminate top. The Home Depot Texas City is going to provide samples for your home. In general, laminate is easy to clean. Use an oil-based primer to key the countertop while avoiding the fixtures and walls and allow it to dry.

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How To Polish Laminate Countertops


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A drawback to laminate countertops, nonetheless, is they are not knife friendly. However ensure that both these rags are made of some nonabrasive matter to counteract scraping of the laminate counter top part. Use separate chopping boards and stay away from pounding or perhaps hammering hard on the laminate counter top.

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