Granite Over Laminate Countertop

Granite Over Laminate Countertop

All you need is a wet rag or cloth, and a little household or disinfectant cleanser to wipe the laminate counter top of yours. Just try soaking a rag and slowly pat away the glue from the laminate top. The Home Depot Texas City is going to provide samples for your home. In general, laminate is easy to clean up. Use an oil based primer to prime the countertop while staying away from the fixtures and walls and give it time to dry.

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Granite Over Laminate Countertop


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This particular clear plastic laminate countertop remodeling method is achieved by adhering three quarters of an inch (3/4") solid real-wood oak or maybe maple on the edges of the tops. Not merely can it be a low and reliable cost option, it can be purchased in a limitless number of designs and colors. With more realistic textures as well as recommended edge therapies, laminate can be a really attractive alternative.

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