DIY Network Concrete Countertops

DIY Network Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are constructed often in a retail store or on site, based on the preference of the contractor and the customer. One of the really neat things about developing the own concrete countertop of yours is that you are able to put whatever decorative components to it that you wish including curves, edging and inlays. The options of concrete countertops are endless.

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DIY Network Concrete Countertops


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Simply the thought of using the same thing that streets and sidewalks are made of to create a countertop appears to be odd. Too often, countertops are expected, in addition to this is simply because of the alternatives we've been provided in the past, being basically, flat, and simple boring. Probably one of the greatest materials for a countertop is concrete. Overtime you may notice tiny cracks.

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