Federasi Hoki Es Indonesia
The Indonesia Ice Hockey Federation (FHEI) is an organization for ice hockey sports in Indonesia. FHEI is registered as a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), an international bo...

World Girls Ice Hockey Weekend

What is the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend?

It is an opportunity for girls of all ages to try ...

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Come and watch as our boys & girls battle again on the second chapter of this 2018 IIHL - Episodes T...

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IIHL 2018

Come and watch the game as these fours battle again to be crown as 2018 IIHL Champions.
Venue : BX...

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Recent News

IIHL 2018 - Team Standing

The regular season is s wrap, and welcoming Badax Indonesia & Liberland to the IIHL CUP Final of 201...

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IIHL 2018 - Game 12, Badax Indonesia vs Batavia Demons

The to early final game, where the defending champion faced their runner up in "live or die" situati...

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IIHL 2018 - Game 11, Badax Indonesia vs Batavia Demons

Its the final game for top three teams, they need a win to go to the final and for Badax they need t...

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